Libertum Marketplace - The Expanding Asset Classes & The Process

Let’s delve into Real Estate tokenization and how Libertum is advancing in this asset class.

Libertum Marketplace - The Expanding Asset Classes & The Process

Libertum Marketplace - The Expanding Asset Classes & The Process

Libertum provides a fully licensed marketplace for real-world assets and security tokens, addressing the issue of unlicensed tokenization services.

Today, let’s delve into Real Estate tokenization and how Libertum is advancing in this asset class.

We’re currently in discussions with real estate owners to tokenize these assets. Selecting the right ones and thorough due diligence are crucial to protect everyone’s interests.

Real Estate Portfolios in the UAE, Mexico, UK, Indonesia, The Netherlands, and more are ready for tokenization! 🚀

Check out a few of the real estate being tokenized on our website: Libertum Marketplace

Our read-only marketplace welcomes community feedback. Security tokens are not yet available for purchase. We are diligently enhancing the platform to obtain our security brokerage licence by September 2024.

Libertum’s Step-by-Step Guide to Tokenize Real Estate

In this guide, let’s delve into Libertum’s step-by-step process of how to tokenize real estate, opening up exciting opportunities for a broader range of investors.

🏢 Step 1: Property Selection and Valuation for Tokenizing Real Estate Libertum will collaborate with asset owners to select a suitable property and conduct a thorough valuation to determine fair market value. This crucial step sets the value for the digital tokens to be issued.

📜 Step 2: Establishing a Legal Structure and Ensuring Compliance Consulting legal experts to set up a compliant structure, such as a special purpose vehicle (SPV), is essential. Compliance with local and international regulations is key in the tokenization process.

🔍 Step 3: Conducting Due Diligence on the Property Libertum performs comprehensive due diligence, including background checks and property inspections, to verify the property’s legality and ownership history. This ensures legitimacy in tokenizing the property.

💼 Step 4: Token Creation for Real Estate Tokenization Libertum creates a smart contract on a blockchain platform to represent the property and tokens, defining ownership rules.

🚀 Step 5: Launching a Token Offering Plan and execute a token offering to attract potential investors interested in real estate tokens. Marketing efforts will be crucial in promoting the offering.

🔒 Step 6: Performing KYC/AML Checks Libertum conducts Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks to ensure compliance with regulatory standards before investors participate in the token offering.

🏢 Step 7: Token Distribution for Tokenized Real Estate After completing the token offering and all KYC/AML checks, Libertum will distribute the tokens to investors’ blockchain wallets, marking the successful end of the real estate tokenization process.

💹 Step 8: Enabling Secondary Market Trading Libertum facilitates trading of the tokens on its secondary markets to enhance liquidity and price discovery, a key advantage of real estate asset tokenization.

🏠 Step 9: Managing the Property and Distributing Income To effectively manage tokenized real estate, Libertum handles tasks like maintenance, leasing, and rent collection. Rental income or profits from the property are distributed to token holders.

📊 Step 10: Ongoing Reporting and Compliance for Tokenized Real Estate Libertum ensures continuous compliance with regulations by handling financial reporting, tax filings, and audits. This step upholds the legitimacy and sustainability of investments in tokenized real estate.


  • 💰 Primary Market: Tokenization of assets like securities, gold, and art with a nominal 2% fee.
  • 💰 Secondary Market: Trade tokenized assets with a 2% fee.
  • 💰 Lending Market: Borrow against tokens for instant liquidity at competitive rates.
  • 💰 Liquidity Protocol: Engage in Yield Farming for tokenized assets.


  • Secure and regulated platform for asset tokenization, trading, and borrowing.
  • Access to liquidity and investment growth opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Exclusive Benefits for $LBM Token Holders

  • Early access to new assets.
  • Discounts on transactions.

Libertum’s Vision

Empowering growth and development through a multi-market approach.

$LBM can be bought through our partners — @Uniswap or @Aerodrome

It’s time to invest in a whole new way.

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