Exciting Beta Launch of Libertum’s Marketplace

Explore Libertum’s exciting beta launch of its marketplace, featuring real estate, precious metals, and opportunities to earn through affiliate programs. Join now to shape this revolutionary platform and enjoy security token discounts with $LBM.

Exciting Beta Launch of Libertum’s Marketplace

Exciting Beta Launch of Libertum’s Marketplace

Libertum is set to relaunch with a fresh, innovative marketplace aimed at reshaping how users get and earn valuable assets.

This beta version introduces a user-friendly platform where members can engage with a variety of categories including real estate and precious metals.


In the "Get" section, users can explore a diverse array of assets and products tailored to their investment interests. Whether you’re looking for properties or precious metals, this section offers detailed listings to make informed decisions.


The "Earn" section empowers users to generate income by participating in the marketplace. It includes opportunities for affiliate earnings, referral programs, and other revenue-generating activities, creating a dynamic ecosystem for financial growth.

Marketplace Categories

The marketplace itself is organised into intuitive categories to streamline the user experience. Key categories include:

  • Real Estate
    • Partnerships @tulum_land, Leominik, Noah Arq, Anda Resorts
  • Precious Metals
    • @theemeraldco, TBA — Indian Retail Gold, TBA — Columbia Gold
  • Art & Collectables — WIP
  • Commodities — WIP
  • Farms & Local Produce — WIP
  • Royalties — WIP
  • Securities — WIP


This read-only marketplace allows community feedback. Security tokens are not available for purchase yet, as we continue enhancing the platform until obtaining our security brokerage license, expected around September 2024.

Why Join the Beta?

Participating in the beta version gives users a firsthand look at the platform’s capabilities and offers a chance to provide feedback that will shape the final product. The Libertum community is encouraged to engage actively, sharing insights and experiences to help refine the marketplace.

Libertum’s marketplace is designed not just to facilitate transactions but to foster a community of informed and engaged users. By combining ease of use with comprehensive, detailed listings, Libertum aims to set a new standard in online marketplaces.

One of the biggest utilities of $LBM is to provide discounts on these securities tokens. $LBM can be bought through our partners - @Uniswap or @AerodromeFi.

Get involved today and be a part of this revolutionary platform from the ground up.

The beta version awaits your exploration and input — together, we can create the ultimate marketplace experience.

Find it here — Libertum Marketplace