Unleashing Liquidity — The Libertum Way

Redefining Liquidity in Finance

Unleashing Liquidity — The Libertum Way

Unleashing Liquidity — The Libertum Way

In the world of finance, liquidity is the lifeblood that keeps the gears turning.

But for many businesses and individuals, accessing that liquidity is a Herculean task given the tilt towards secure but highly illiquid investments.

Enter Libertum, a platform that’s redefining the rules of the game.

When we embarked on our tokenization journey, we discovered that most tokenization protocols lacked a marketplace, offering only a white-label solution for others to use.

The reason was simple: they recognized RWA tokens as security tokens and didn’t want to deal with security licenses, potentially passing on risks to projects.

Many projects are unfamiliar with handling security tokens, resorting to tokenization services, selling tokens in unlicensed marketplaces that fail to protect user interests.

Security licenses are costly, averaging over $250k upfront, with monthly regulatory expenses ranging from $20k to $150k depending on the jurisdiction, plus ongoing monthly costs to maintain the license.

Thus, many eventually close down or get sanctioned because they cannot afford these expenses.

Here’s where Libertum steps in to support these projects with a fully licensed marketplace, allowing them to freely buy, sell, trade, and even borrow against these tokens.

The Primary Market: Tokenize Assets

Buy or Sell: The primary market is where the magic happens. It’s here that businesses and individuals can tokenize their assets, transforming everything from securities to precious metals like gold, silver, gemstones, art, etc., into digital tokens. This process comes with a modest 2% fee, but the potential rewards are immense.

The Secondary Market: Trading Arena

Trade: Once those shiny new tokens hit the market, the real fun begins. In the secondary market, a lively trading arena, investors — both institutional and retail — can buy and sell these tokenized assets. Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or simply ride the wave of an emerging opportunity, this is where the action happens. And the best part? A mere 2% transaction fee.

The Lending Market: Instant Liquidity

Borrow: But what if you need instant liquidity? The lending market steps in here! Real-world asset security token holders can now borrow against their assets through Libertum’s liquidity protocols. This transforms digital tokens into instant cash, a game-changer for quick fund needs without selling assets outright. Unlike banks charging 6%-12% interest (private lenders even higher), Libertum’s lending market offers borrowing against collateralized tokens at 2.5%-5%.

In Summary

  • Primary Market: Tokenize assets (e.g., Real estate, securities, gold & silver) with a 2% fee
  • Secondary Market: Trade tokenized assets with a 2% fee
  • Lending Market: Instant liquidity by borrowing against tokens for a lot cheaper than traditional banks

3 Key Players

  • Tokenizers: Unlock asset value
  • Investors: Trade tokens
  • Liquidity Providers: Fuel the ecosystem

A revolutionary multi-market approach empowers businesses, investors, and liquidity providers.

The finance future is here!

By massively boosting the $LBM token utility, holders gain early access and discounts on real-world asset tokens. This applies not only to our assets but also to all partner projects!

$LBM can be bought through our partners — Uniswap or AerodromeFi

It’s time to invest in a whole new way.

Join Libertum.