Libertum accelerates growth through Aerodrome integration

A groundbreaking partnership soaring Libertum’s ascent in the DeFi ecosystem.

Libertum accelerates growth through Aerodrome integration

Libertum accelerates growth through Aerodrome integration

A groundbreaking partnership soaring Libertum’s ascent in the DeFi ecosystem.

It’s been a month since we’ve started this partnership, and here are the key metrics:

  • We have added $200k in Aerodrome Liquidity making LBM price more stable.
  • We have offered over $18k in incentives to Aerodrome voters, equating to more than $4k each week. This initiative stands out as one of the highest-value projects.

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is a hotbed of innovation, with protocols and platforms emerging rapidly. Within this constantly evolving ecosystem, one name stands out: Aerodrome.

As the preeminent decentralised exchange (DEX) on the Base network, Aerodrome has carved a unique niche through its features to foster a vibrant trading environment.

At Libertum, we’ve kept a watchful eye on the latest DeFi developments, and Aerodrome’s rise has captured our attention. That’s why we’re thrilled to talk about our strategic partnership and integration with this trailblazing DEX, a month into the partnership.

A Synergy of Liquidity and Ingenuity

Aerodrome is a clear example of this innovative approach. Aerodrome continues to take its user-friendly technology. Aerodrome attracts the right traders and right liquidity providers by utilising an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model for its token swaps.

This feedback loop not only tends to make the trading process smooth but also incentives the users willing to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. Additionally, the Aerodrome Vote-Lock Governance mechanism allows veAERO holders to play an active role in protocol development via the governance model.

Advantages for the Libertum Community

By integrating with Aerodrome, we’re not only expanding our market footprint but also unlocking a multitude of benefits:

Diversified Liquidity Avenues

The partnership introduces fresh liquidity options for trading Libertum tokens, complementing our existing Uniswap liquidity. This diversification allows users to explore alternative market dynamics and potentially tap into new trading prospects.

Strategic Positioning and Heightened Visibility

As the preeminent DEX on the Base network, Aerodrome’s prominence is undeniable. By establishing a presence on this platform, we’re strategically positioning Libertum to capitalise on Aerodrome’s buzz and visibility, reaching a broader audience within the Base ecosystem.

Revenue Generation and Community Incentives

Our integration with Aerodrome enables the generation of transaction fees, with a portion allocated to reward active voters and liquidity providers on the platform. This not only contributes to Libertum’s financial sustainability but also nurtures a supportive and engaged community.

Top-Notch Tokenomics

Aerodrome’s partnership introduces avant-garde tokenomics, revolutionising the way rewards are distributed to our loyal community. This framework ensures that our supporters are incentivized and rewarded for their participation, further strengthening our bonds.

The Libertum Journey

As we move on with partnership with Aerodrome, we invite our community to join us. Together, we will unlock new opportunities, explore cutting-edge tokenomics, and contribute to Libertum’s ascent within the vibrant DeFi ecosystem.