Unlocking the World of Precious Assets Libertum’s Journey Towards Inclusive Investing

With blockchain transparency and smart contracts, investors can trade these assets securely and efficiently. Join Libertum in democratizing investment opportunities and transforming how we invest in precious commodities.

Unlocking the World of Precious Assets Libertum’s Journey Towards Inclusive Investing

With innovation taking centre stage in the world of finance, Libertum promises to set a new standard in our understanding and investment into value, thanks to the wonder of tokenization, it’s helping tear down walls around markets that have traditionally been reserved for an exclusive few and bringing them into a new era of openness

Our new partners — emeraldco.io

Libertum is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with The Emerald Company, one of the most prominent players in emerald mining and tokenization.

The partnership aims to maximise and deliver synergies while fostering a unified marketplace to enable investors in buying, selling, trading, and borrowing these collateralized real-world assets (RWAs) alongside securities.

The Emerald Opportunity

The Emerald Company has the world’s largest emerald mine in Colombia, being responsible for as much as 50–95% of global production. This is one of the most expensive and high prized gemstones. On average, Colombian emeralds cost more than $30,000 for each carat. This partnership between Producer and Mercury Cash allows us to tokenize over 288 million worth of emeralds per year. Opening a whole new world in investment opportunities!

Tokenizing the Exclusive

Although Libertum has historically been centred around real estate tokenization, we are now also targeting a variety of RWAs, precious metals and dazzling gemstones. This is a huge step forward in opening up new avenues to diversify portfolios, and fundamentally change the way previously unlisted or underserved assets can be researched.

Fractional Ownership & Liquidity

Libertum is going to tokenize these commodities, which will allow for fractional ownership. This allows almost anyone in the world (including institutional investors) to purchase and trade portions of gemstones. We’re breaking down barriers to entry without needing hundreds of thousands in capital upfront, bringing these formerly elite investments within reach of a wider demographic.

In addition, the tokenization process brings much-needed liquidity to assets that once had very little hope of being traded. “This allows investors to easily and efficiently trade in and out of their tokenized positions on the Libertum platform,” O’Connell added.

Transparency And Traceability

Our Smart Contracts ensure the highest level of transparency throughout the journey of these valuable assets. All steps are documented and verified in meticulous detail from the mining source to the final investor, providing a guarantee of authenticity of origin.

And by all this, it’s doing more than giving investors faith in their investment. It’s encouraging best practice of the gemstone and precious metal industry as a whole — a much-needed dose of responsibility that our world will thank us for.

Enabling Investors by Democratising Opportunities

The future is full of possibilities, as Libertum continuously innovates and expands the limits of asset tokenization. The unique twist of the powerful platform has potential to lead many of us to sustainability and diversity to differentiated restricted markets.

Libertum’s path toward cultivating inclusive investing is a testament to the wonders of technology and how it can be utilised to remove barriers, uplift people and make wealth more democratic.

We welcome you as we explore the space of precious assets, one tokenized asset at a time.