Unleashing the Future, Libertum's Latest Technological Innovations

Explore the groundbreaking advancements propelling Libertum's platform forward.

Unleashing the Future, Libertum's Latest Technological Innovations

Tech Updates

Technology Update!!

In recent weeks, the Libertum team has been focused on several key areas to enhance our platform. Those of you that have been with us from the beginning of our journey will know we already built our marketplace, however things are about to get much more interesting!

After an extensive heuristic design analysis we have been quietly working in the background on refactoring and streamlining the entire platform based on community feedback.

We believe RWA projects will be more successful the easier the technology is to use - this is particularly true if we are to bridge to Web2 users. Our Human-Centred Design (HCD) places the user at the heart of the design process. We are excited to have completed a host of new features and functionalities on the Libertum platform.

Let’s dive in!

Internal Technology Achievements

Front End

We have reimagined our user interface so that our users can navigate seamlessly to manage their property portfolio including introducing some very cool features;

  • New property tiles with all the info you need at your fingertips
  • An accordian panel for each property for in depth investment information
  • A quick glance summary of your entire property investment performance

One of the main features we are developing is an entirely new user dashboard. This dashboard will allow users to view both their LBM holdings and all their property investments within a simple easy to understand dashboard, facilitating a more comprehensive and user friendly experience.

We are enhancing our admin property upload features to streamline our tokenization process:

  • Pre-Issuance Phase: The comprehensive information about the asset is gathered, considering the required regulatory framework.
  • Issuance Phase: During this phase, the asset is brought on-chain. This process can involve deploying and configuring smart contracts that will create the token representing the asset digitally.
  • Post-Issuance Phase: Following the issuance, the digital asset undergoes various transitions in its life cycle. In this phase it is critical to take into consideration all regulations, rights and obligations.

We have implemented industry leading technology for social logins and account abstraction

Back End and Blockchain

We have enhanced our smart contracts focusing on security and additional blockchain functionality.

  • Integration of the RIT Token API is live on testnet
  • Property APIs are ready to be consumed in the frontend
  • Unit Level Bug Fixes
  • Routine platform stability and reliability testing
  • Analysis of the Implementation of Docker and kubernetes underway
  • New filtering system implemented for easy identification of suitable investment propertytime in

We are super excited to release the marketplace and our properties to the community.

Currently, we are preparing everything to conduct the first tests with our community members who have opted into our pilot programme . Those interested in participating can sign up for our whitelist to have the opportunity to be selected to road test the platform:

External Technology Updates:

  • CoinWeb - Our recent partnership agreement with CoinWeb is heating up! Our technology teams are strategizing how we can have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time for our community - watch this space.
  • Plume - the team at Plume have been amazing supporters, we are already on their testnet and are about to release all of the new improvements to the plume ecosystem, onwards we go!
  • KEI Finance - We are working together to enable RWA real estate to be part of a diversified investment portfolio.

The (near) future

Regarding future plans, our focus is on security, useability and scalability - we have some immense property development partnerships to announce so getting this right is critical to our roadmap.

In terms of security we are working on a uniquely customisable KYC/KYB authentication implementation, a must in the RWA space. We also have begun conversations with some leading technology providers of lending and borrowing protocols that we are very excited about, the more utility and liquidity we can bring the better, right?

As part of our efforts to ensure platform stability and reliability, we routinely conduct security audits and stress testing and our partnerships with Coinweb and Plume have accelerated the development of new features and introduced the platform to new and vibrant communities who are excited about the mission.