Democratising Ownership: Real-World Asset Tokenization with Libertum & KERB

Experience the evolution of asset ownership through real-world asset tokenization with Libertum & KERB.

Democratising Ownership: Real-World Asset Tokenization with Libertum & KERB

Democratising Ownership: Real-World Asset Tokenization with Libertum & KERB

The landscape of asset ownership is undergoing a fascinating transformation. Real-world assets, once confined to traditional methods of ownership, are embracing the power of tokenization.

What tokenization does is transfer ownership to a Smart Contract on a blockchain on pre-agreed terms and allows for tokens of that ownership to be shared amongst the token holders.

The approach facilitates fractionalizing ownership, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

Benefits of RWA Tokenization:

You can now imagine owning a piece of a vibrant city skyscraper or a rare piece of art and even those amazing commercial properties, all through a secure and transparent digital representation.

This is the essence of real-world asset tokenization, and yet it’s not just about luxury items.

It’s about democratising access to traditionally illiquid assets, fostering greater liquidity, and creating new investment avenues.

Reimagine Urban Parking

This exciting journey now extends to urban parking tokenization.

The Libertum and KERB partnership is a prime example of how tokenization can be harnessed to address real-world challenges and propel the industry forward.

Libertum’s Tokenization Model:

As we navigate the post-pandemic world, parking lot owners face significant challenges. Empty spaces, declining demand due to hybrid work models, and the burden of long-term leases create a pressing need for long-term solutions. This is where Libertum has stepped in.

By offering interest-free capital through our tokenization model, Libertum empowers parking lot owners to navigate these financial upheavals without the burden of high-interest debt. This becomes a crucial lifeline for them to stay on stronger financial ground.

KERB’s Tech Magic:

Financial support to the distressed parking lot owners is just one piece of the puzzle. KERB’s cutting-edge technology enters the scene, offering a fresh perspective on parking utilisation. The platform unlocks hidden potential by creating tens of thousands of new parking spaces without the need for additional construction.

KERB’s Smart Parking Solutions:

  • Empower parking lot owners: By offering financial support and innovative solutions, we help them thrive in the evolving landscape.
  • Drive economic revitalization: By optimizing parking experiences, we support local businesses and stimulate urban economies.
  • Promote environmental sustainability: By increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary construction, we contribute to greener cities.

Libertum & KERB: Empowering Stakeholders, Driving Sustainability

This partnership represents a powerful combination. By merging financial solutions with technology, we are reimagining urban parking for the future. The collaboration not only empowers parking lot owners for economic revitalization but also contributes to a more sustainable future by promoting efficient resource utilization and reducing unnecessary construction.


This is just one example of how real-world asset tokenization, coupled with innovative solutions like KERB’s technology, can revolutionize various industries.

As we move forward, we can expect to see this transformative power extend to other sectors, shaping the future of ownership and unlocking exciting possibilities in the years to come.